What Should a Nonprofit Website Have On It?

Essentials Of a Website

Just about every organization needs a website. That also includes nonprofits. However, if you are mystified and confused as to what to put on your website, you are not alone. We are going to go over what should be on your nonprofit’s website so it can work for you. 

Now we are not going to go about this the way you might think, instead of telling you which pages to have ( as that can change from time to time and depends on the organization). We will go over what information and functions you probably should include on your nonprofit’s website. 

Information and Functions that Should Be on a Nonprofit Website


Your Introduction

Your site needs to quickly introduce who your organization is and what they do. Now, that is generally done on the homepage. Yet there are sites that are essentially just one page. So think of it more as to where ever the visitors that don’t really know you, that is where your introduction needs to go.

Your cause

Of course, if you’re starting a non-profit, it is because you have a cause you’re wanting to champion. Explain what that cause is in greater detail. Give facts, stories, and results in order to connect to your viewers

Your Story

People do business with people, not products. Donations and championing causes really are no different. A part of your website needs to be dedicated not only to your cause but your story to the cause, connecting you, your organization, and your cause together.

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Many non-profits hold charity events or participate in them. You want to have a part of your website dedicated to showing those and any essential information about the events.


Whether it’s time or supplies, most non-profits usually need donations in order to carry out their cause. You will want a call to action or a specific page on your website dedicated to how those that are interested can donate to you.

Contact information

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but in this day and age trust can be hard to come by. Displaying contact information, whether by email, phone or address, allows the viewer the feeling that if they want to, they can get a hold of you. Adding to this, you always want a way for those interested in joining your cause to connect with you.

Social media links

Your website is your central part of your digital presence. Yet your social media profile is the way many people stay quickly informed of happenings. They are the arms and legs of your digital presence, so you want to show those on your website.

A quick message about speed

I feel I would be doing you a disservice if I did not mention website load time. It would be really hard to get your information across your website takes 5 seconds to load. So you’re generally going to want to keep your website loading under 3 seconds.

There are lots of different ways to put these pieces together. Yet in one form or fashion, your site needs to have these key elements in order for your website to do everything it should do for your nonprofit.

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Chris Hughbanks
Chris Hughbanks

Chris is the owner of Hughbanks Design, a Houston web design and digital marketing company.