How it Works

We fully understand that small non-profits can have some challenges and barriers in regard to digital marketing or branding. That is why we have created small bite-sized pro bono services to give your non-profit a little help.

When your organization is in needs to bring on an extra bit of help with your branding and digital marketing, simply fill out the contact form and choose up to two services your organization needs. From there we will set up about a 30 min zoom call where we will go over your needs and see if we are a fit together. From there we will send over a simple agreement and when all parties have signed, we will get started on whichever services you have chosen.  

Our criteria are meant to be pretty simple and straight forward.

  • You must have already received your 501 c3 when applying.
  • Your Organization needs to be based in Texas.
  • Have roughly 10 core organization members or less.
  • You should have a personal connection to the cause.
  • You need to have an idea of who you are targeting as an audience for both awareness and donations.


If you are not sure of who your audience is, or have just gotten your 501 c3 and are in the “Now What” stage,  we have put together a quick getting started guide to help you in getting started with your journey.