Pro Bono Services


Pro bono marketing services to take your non-profit to the next level.

our pick – two pro bono services

We provide a variety of pro bono marketing services related to your brand and website. If you meet the criteria below, you can utilize our Pick 2 Package. This package allows you to pick 2 of our services, providing you the flexibility to choose the most relevant solutions to your marketing challenges. design and digital marketing services we offer.


We’ve learned that we can provide the most impact to non-profits who:
  • Have a logo
  • Have a website
  • Have been around for 2+ years
  • Have a small team (under 10 people)

If you match that description and need an extra boost to your marketing, we’d love to help you!

Branded Collateral

Branding needs promotion to be effective. However, every nonprofit chooses to promote their brand differently so they need different types of collateral. To provide you flexibility, this package lets you pick one set of collateral to be designed. You’ll start by having a 30 minute consultation with Justin so he can understand what you’re looking to accomplish with the collateral. Each set comes with 1 free set of revisions.

Business Card + Letterhead

  • Print-ready PDF files for up to five employees
  • Print-ready PDF file for your letterhead
  • Illustrator template files included

One Page Design

  • Can be a flyer, sell sheet, etc
  • Design on one side on a normal paper size (8.5” x 11”)
  • Illustrator template file included

Social Media Profile Images

  • Profile Picture that can be used across all social media platforms
  • Cover Images for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Photoshop files included

Brand Guidlines

To create consistency in your brand, you first need to define how you want your brand to look. This is where your Brand Guidelines come into play. Your Brand Guidelines will start with a 30 minute consultation session with Justin so he can learn more about your brand. You’ll then receive a PDF document that outlines your logo usage, color palette, and typography.

Brand Audit

Strengthen your brand by learning where your brand’s current issues are. You’ll receive a review of your most common branded assets (website, social media, printed collateral) and a roadmap for how to correct any issues that are discovered. In addition, you’ll get a 30 minute consultation with Justin to discuss the results of the audit.

Vectorized logo

If you’re like a lot of nonprofits, you had your logo designed a long time ago and the only copy you now have is either saved in a Word document or as a low resolution image. This can be problematic because if you’re sponsoring an event they will want a vectorized version of your logo. So, in this package we’ll take your current logo and vectorize it for you. 

Note: The availability of this package is dependent on the complexity and quality of your current logo file. 

6 Months Basic WordPress Website Care Plan

If your website runs on WordPress, it is imperative that all the updates are done as needed on time in order to ensure your website stays running smoothly and does not lose functionality. With our FREE 6 month basic WordPress Care Plan, we will provide WordPress Core and Plugin updates and off-site backups. We will also provide up to 3 basic content and change requests per month.

Website Audit

Your website is meant to do something for you. Whether it’s to help gather donations, promote an event, give information, or all the above and more your organization’s site needs to execute these things properly and efficiently. We offer a website audit free of they will provide actionable steps on where your website can improve in order for it to meet your goals

Google My Business Listing and Optimization

It is important to have your business listed on Google maps, especially if you serve your local community. It is almost equally important to have this listing in the right category and with a good description. We can provide FREE OF CHARGE To get your business listed on Google Maps and to optimize your listing so your business will start showing up for important searches.