How to Shape Your Brand’s Personality

How to shape your brand's personality

One of the best ways to make your non-profit’s brand stand out is to give it a personality.

But what does “personality” mean, and how does a brand have one?

What is brand personality?

There are many definitions but simply put, a brand’s personality are the human characteristics people associate with it. Some brands are loud, in your face, and are direct to the point — while other brands may come across as calm and supporting. 

Just like humans, there is a wide range of personality types for brands. The key is to identify your ideal donors and build a brand personality that will attract those donors.

How do I create a brand personality?

The first place to start is to think about your ideal donor. What type of personality do they have and what type of personalities do they respond best to?

Create a list of personality traits

Start by writing down a list of personality traits your ideal donors resonate with. Think about the similarities between those traits.

Then take time to understand why those traits resonate with your ideal donors. For example, if they prefer to be around people who are meek and calm, why is that?

Answering the “why” behind your donors’ preferences will help you with the next step.

Build associations

Once you’ve established the personality you want to build it’s time to think about associations. You need to help potential donors infer your brand’s personality simply through the colors, fonts, words, and tone you use in your brand. 

This is where you have to pull in some insights from psychology. For example, when it comes to color, light blue gives off a calming tone, while bright orange feels energetic. If you need help with colors read our post on how to choose the right colors for your non-profit

Assemble the big picture

The last step is to make sure every individual elements of your brand is aligned with the personality you’re creating — such as your visuals, tone, and messaging. Each part should be working in unison with each other to create the brand’s personality.

If you’re struggling with this one thing you can do is to start with the big picture. Think about your brand as a whole and the personality you want it to represent. Then start taking each individual element of your brand and ask yourself the following:

“Does this element reinforce the personality I want my brand to have?”

If the answer is ‘Yes’ then that element is good — no need to do anything else with it. However, if you answer ‘No’ for an element then it’s time to make some changes.

Things to consider

Be consistent

Consistency is essential for building a brand personality. If you have inconsistencies you’ll struggle to establish those associations we discussed in the previous section.

So, always be deliberate with your brand and constantly ask yourself if what you’re doing is in alignment with your brand’s personality.

Document your brand’s personality

The best way to ensure consistency is to document your brand (and it’s personality). 

To do this you’ll want to create a brand guide. Our article and free template will help you create a brand guide in minutes.

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Justin Lynch
Justin Lynch

Justin is a Brand Strategist at Avlier, a brand consulting company.