Google Business Profile Optimization Tips for Nonprofits

Google Business Profile Optimization Tips for Nonprofits

If you run a nonprofit at more of a local level, then one digital marketing tool you need in your toolbox is an optimized Google Business Profile. A Google Business Profile is a free tool provided by Google that allows businesses, including nonprofits, to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. By verifying and editing your nonprofit’s information, searchers can find your organization and know what services you provide. 

Why Should a Nonprofit Care About a Google Business Profile?

For nonprofits, especially ones with a close location or local mission, a Google Business Profile is particularly valuable because it enhances their visibility to potential donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries. A Google Business Profile helps ensure that when people search for your nonprofit or a service your nonprofit has, the organization appears prominently in search results and on Google Maps. This can increase the likelihood of engagement and support. By using features like posts, photos, and direct messaging, nonprofits can interact with their community more effectively. This interaction can encourage more donations and volunteer sign-ups.


Reviews on Google can significantly influence public perception. Nonprofits can manage their reputations by responding to reviews and engaging with their supporters directly through their Google Business Profile. Also, the more good reviews your Google Business profile has, the more Google wants to show your profile for a service your nonprofit provides, especially in maps. 

Analytics and Insights

Google provides insights on how customers searched for the organization, and where those customers are coming from. Some insights the business profile can provide include how many calls from the Google Profile to your organization you have had within a timeframe. Other insights you can get are how many search directions to your location and what keywords they used to find your nonprofit. 

Steps to creating and optimizing your Google Business Profile.

Now that you know it’s important to have an optimized Google Business Profile, let’s go over how to claim your profile and optimize it for the best chance of visibility. 

Claim your Google Business Profile

The first step to optimizing your Google Business Profile is to claim your profile. If you still need to do so, go to the Google Business Profile home page and follow the prompts to claim your profile. Once you have claimed your profile, you will be able to update and manage your profile.

Add accurate information

The second step to optimizing your Google Business Profile is to add accurate information about your non-profit. This includes your address, hours of operation, website, and contact information. By providing accurate information, you can ensure that potential donors can find and connect with your non-profit easily.

In addition, Google Business Profile allows you to provide additional information about your non-profit, such as a description of your organization and photos. This can help to create a more complete picture of your non-profit for potential donors.

Optimize your description

Your description is one of the most important elements of your Google Business Profile. It should be clear, concise, and engaging. Your description should provide a brief overview of your non-profit and what you do.

In addition, your description should include keywords that potential donors might use when searching for non-profits in your area. This will help your profile to appear higher in search results when people search for those keywords.

Add photos and videos

Photos and videos can help make your Google Business Profile more engaging and appealing to potential donors. Make sure to add high-quality photos that showcase your non-profit and what you do.

In addition, consider adding videos to your profile. Videos can be a powerful tool for non-profits, as they can help to tell your organization’s story and highlight the impact of your work.

Encourage reviews

Reviews are an important element of your Google Business Profile. Positive reviews can increase credibility and trustworthiness and encourage potential donors to get involved with your non-profit.

Encourage your donors to leave reviews on your Google Business Profile. This can be done through email, social media, or in person. Make sure to respond to reviews in a timely and professional manner, even if they are negative.

Use posts to share updates

Google Business Profile allows you to create posts that appear in your profile. Use posts to share updates about your non-profit, such as upcoming events or fundraisers. This helps keep your profile up-to-date and engaging.

In addition, consider using posts to share stories about the impact of your work. This can help to connect potential donors with your organization and encourage them to get involved.

Tying it All Together

Optimizing your Google Business Profile can help reach more donors and increase support for your non-profit. By claiming your profile, adding accurate information, optimizing your description, adding photos and videos, encouraging reviews, using posts to share updates, and monitoring your analytics, you can create a powerful online presence that supports your mission and goals. If you need help understanding and figuring out how to set your GBP up, fell free to contact us. The pro bono nonprofit marketing consultants at Designers For Non-Profits can help you figure it out and get it set up, for FREE. 

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