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Helping Small Texas Area Nonprofits

Pro Bono Marketing and Design Services
During These Unprecedented Times

Pro Bono Marketing and Design Services

Many Smaller Texas nonprofits have barriers to working on their online presence. These barriers could include:  not enough time or human resources to work on branding, technical challenges in changing or updating your website, or not understanding how to properly fill out Google MY Business.

Designers For Non-Profits has created pro-bono solutions in order to eliminate some of these barriers.

Pro-Bono Solutions Include:

Our Mission

Designers for Nonprofits’ mission is to provide pro bono branding and digital marketing solutions that will elevate small Texas Non-Profits.

Designers for Non-Profits is a project partnership between two companies, Hughbanks Design and Avilier to combine their talents and expertise in order to elevate small Texas nonprofits and give back to the community.

Design and Marketing Pro Bono Services

Design For Non-Profits has put together design and digital marketing services designed to help Texas area small nonprofits be successful in their mission.


We get it, this is an unusual concept. There are whole agencies built to make ton of money providing the same services. So you probably have some questions. We have some answers for you.

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